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Educational Value 

Our Mission

1 Percent Performance’s main purpose is to reach others by sports using visual communication and emphasizing audio. Focusing on all aspects of sports communication, 1 Percent Performance uses angles, perspectives, and audience engagement to portray the positive environment within sports competition and culture.

Our Vision

Our hard work, consistency, drive, and inspiration will set us apart from the rest.  Through true communication and visual messages, we will produce the best communicative stories that highlight the culture within sports.

1 Percent Performance strives to inspire student athletes to communicate effectively not only on the field/ court but also in life. We look to encourage positive communication within competition, work outs, life, and the overall community to highlight how powerful the tool of communication is. With that being said, we look to not only to inspire athletes but inspire each individual that we come in contact with that diligent communication is the key to success. As we make sure to cover strategies, marketing, branding, filming, editing, and visual perception with each of our staff, also teach them how to be self-sufficient, and developing skills they can use to become successful in the corporate world. 

Matt Scott Founder

Matt Scott was raised in West Sacramento, California where he attended River City High School. After graduating high school Scott attended Sierra College in Rocklin, California receiving his AA degree in Communication Studies. He then received a full athletic scholarship to play basketball for Concordia University Irvine(NCAA DII) which brought him to Orange County, California. 

Concordia University which he says, " ...was the best decision he's made in his life."  received his B.A in Communication Studies and ultimately graduating from Concordia.  Scott had a successful career at Concordia and still remains very active in the schools activities.

Proceeding undergrad, Scott realized he had a real passion for skill development and coaching., he decided to further his education in coaching, while bringing 1 Percent  Performance  into existence.


My Goal

“My goal is to create a fun experience for people and give back to the community. I really feel like if it wasn’t for God,  my family and sports I would not have the work ethic and mentality I have today! Through adversity there have been many people that supported me along the way, and I want every youth, adolescent , and adult to share that support with athletes, not only to make sure they have an outlet but to showcase their talents and get recognized.

- Matt Scott 



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